My First Post

September 27, 2017

A bit of history…

The old site

I have languished on this personal web project for many upon many months. What used to exist was a template driven WordPress site to host photography. It then jumped to an indie developed CMS tailored to meet photography needs, but that project faltered and fell under and my website sat in a static state for a few months.

The new site

Right, so that brings me to this new site. Wanting to maintain some presence and not overly concerned with a photo-centric page, I have chosen to drop CMS and go for a static-file driven flow; in this case, utilizing Hugo.

This provides a few tangible benefits:

  1. I don’t need to learn PHP just yet!
  2. I get to play with web frameworks again!!
  3. No prone to WordPress vulnerabilities
  4. Potentially faster
  5. And keeping posts and media should be easier

So, while this is a personal blog with a semi-professional presence, I do hope to include quirks related to the industry I work in, some Photos here an there, and other musings.

Here’s to 2.0!